The Emotion Regulation Study

Emotion regulation is a key psychological difficulty following exposure to trauma. This study is designed to help us better understand how refugees cope after traumatic experiences. We are particularly interested to find out more about how refugees and asylum-seekers manage their emotions, including which strategies work well. 

Participation in this project is open to all refugees and asylum-seekers – including non-permanent visa holders. We would like to hear from people who feel they are coping well, as well as those who are experiencing difficult reactions such as sadness, nightmares and distressing memories.

Taking part in this study involves attending two 90 minute sessions, which take place at the Westmead Millennium Institute, in Westmead, NSW, or UNSW in Kensington, NSW. Interpreters will be provided if required.

Eligible participants will be reimbursed for taking part in this research study.

How can I take part in this study, or refer someone to the study? 

Refugees, asylum-seekers and referrers can contact us at 1300 130 700, email or register their interest on our website here.  Individuals do not need to be referred for a specific research study or treatment. Our clinically-trained staff will conduct a screening to determine the individual’s eligibility, and provide referral options if required. Non-English speakers should state their name, language and phone number, and we will return the call with an interpreter.