Refugee Camp in my Neighbourhood

On Thursday 4th of August the RTRP team joined a number of other health professionals on a tour of a simulated refugee camp set up in the grounds of the Auburn Centre for Community. The tour was an interactive experience guided by former refugees or asylum seekers. On the tour we took on the perspective of a refugee/asylum seeker and were taken on a journey – starting with having 1 minute to gather our belongings all the way to arriving in Australia and the complications involved with starting a whole new life. At each part of the tour the tour guides gave us a little insight into their own personal stories. Along the journey we had to make tough decisions that not only impacted ourselves but also our families.

All members of the RTRP team found the tour of the Refugee Camp in my Neighbourhood a very humbling and sobering experience. This was the third year the project has been running and it was open to the public for tours over the weekend. Refugee Camp in my Neighbourhood is a great way to understand the struggles that refugees and asylum seekers face especially as it involves putting yourself in their shoes and attempting to overcome the overwhelming obstacles that refugees and asylum seekers are confronted with daily.